Discover our baseboard heaters

Discover our baseboard heaters

Radiant skirting board - healthy and comfortable
healthy and
Radiant skirting board - uniform heating
Baseboard heaters - simple and functional
simple and
energy saving baseboard heaters
Thermal wellness - Heating solutions
Why a radiant skirting board

Thermodul by Hekos is an innovative heating solution that, due to its small size (it’s almost invisible) and the amount of finishes available, is adaptable to any style. Furthermore, precisely for the wide range of colours and the new integrated LED system, it’s able to add an aesthetic value to any room. With these innovative baseboard heaters, then, you have a free rein to create unique furnishing and design solutions!

Innovative heating solutions

I decided to use Thermodul radiant skirting board for::

  • feel good in my home
  • – live in comfort and design
  • – adopt a leading-edge solution
  • – have freedom of choice in decorating
  • – save energy and money
  • – support the “made in Italy” concept
Innovative heating solutions