5 reasons to choose Hekos


Specialists in efficient heating systems

Why should you rely on Hekos to find the best solution to heat a house without standard radiators? Because not only we offer high quality products, but also we are a representative who knows the market and its constant evolutions. Rely on us means working with a trustworthy company that accompanies you step by step from the analysis of your needs to the delivery, always with professionalism and seriousness; it means having at your disposal over thirty years of experience in the field of efficient heating systems.

Hekos is innovation

Our work is based on a process of continuous innovation and research: Hekos’ aim is to guarantee the wellness of customers, along with energy saving and sustainability.
Our radiant heat panels stand out from the crowd not only due to their high technological value but also by their aesthetic impact that make them elegant and impressive interior design elements. The guiding principle of our business is the constant research for new solution and innovativion on existing products with the aim to be the key player on the market and to offer the best to our customers, without forgetting the ecosystem. Environmental protection has always been one of our main interests, both as regards the energy consumption of our radiating skirting boards and the production processes.
 Efficient heating system

Global quality by Hekos

This key principle for us means great attention to the customer satisfaction and constant improvement of both product and business performance.
The Global Quality Principle is an integral part of our job, a concept that needs to be understood broadly, because it means not just product’s quality, which is naturally assured, but also quality of the environment in which we operate and of the human relations. That is the only way to be able to promote growth and development of a business.
The desire to guarantee our customers with the highest quality and efficiency, has persuaded us to establish the entire production of our efficient heating systems in Italy. Our radiant heat panels, indeed, are completely “Made in Italy” (from the designing to the production) and, first of all in this industry, they are tested according to the EN 442 regulation.

Reliability, efficiency and competence

A problem-solving approach enables us to respond effectively to customer needs and make us more prepared, more efficient and organized every day.

We have a partnership approch with the client, this means that we offer a step by step service during the entire phases of the project: we analyze the energy situation of the building, we identify which, among the solutions we propose, is the most effective for the containment of energy consumption, then we manage the design phase and the realization of a top-class heating system. We also explain in detail the costs and benefits and provide the customer with all the information to make an informed choice that best suits his needs and availability. We carry out the inspection, design and, of course, we are available to suggest some high quality installers for the installation and final testing.

Heating house without radiators

Experience, flexibility and knowledge

The creativity, the passion and the enthusiasm of our team of experts focuse on the constant research for the best customer solution.
Our technical staff has a great experience in the design and the implementation of efficient and innovative heating systems, and it’s able to offer tailored solutions and projects for every environment, needs and customer. Hekos is able to carry out energetic analyzes and simulations on the dynamic behavior of buildings, providing also the support for the design of special energy-saving radiant board (e.g. invisible or curved solutions). Our aim is always to get customer satisfaction.

Hekos: speed in our DNA

Our work is based on the ability to look forward and never stop: we always work to guarantee the highest quality and wellness of your house!
We always keep the promises and we like to satisfy the customer needs also in terms of speed and compliance with established delivery times. Punctuality is an indispensable value, not only because it witnesses our seriousness and professionalism, but also because it’s able to communicate our philosophy: we are fast and in step with the times. The pace of technological evolution in the domestic heating is very fast, but we do not get unprepared! The speed response at each stage of our work is part of our DNA.