Benefits of radiant heating


Thermodul heating skirting board has been developed to ensure both wellness and practical benefits, for many reasons is the most efficient heater, able to satisfy the heating requirments of new buildings or existing ones:


The radiant skylight system guarantees maximum comfort

Thermodul heating skirting board has been developed to be used in any kind of private home, school, public buildings, offices, museums and gyms ensuring:

  • Uniform heat distribution: no more cold feet!
  • Constant humidity level with no dust, pollen or dust mites being lifted: your breathing will thanks you!
  • The walls are kept perfectly dry: no more mould or spores!

Maximum ease of installation and use

This features is one we are most proud of: the simplicity to install and assembly our radiant heating system. Furthermore, also its management is very easy.

  • The installation only involves minimal building work
  • Easy to connect to any type of heat generation system
  • Easy to control (can even be turned on via APP)
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to inspect

Functionality and design work together

Our heating skirting boards offer more that comfort-friendly benefits, they are also aesthetically pleasing allowing designers to create unique furnishing solutions.

  • Adaptable to any stylistic or architectural context due to the various finishes available
  • Different usage options: the reduced size guarantees minimum obstruction while the exclusive lighting LED system offers an original solution for lighting spaces

Off the charts energy savings

The energy efficiency performance of our radiant systems makes us really proud! They are really the most efficient heaters on the market!

  • The water based model uses 1/5th of the amount of water required by a radiator
  • Heating comfort is achieved at lower temperatures
Energy savings
Made in Italy

We believe in “Made in Italy”

We insist on a Made in Italy production not only to ensure the high quality of our products but, above all, because we truly believe in the professionalism and competence of our local artisans, so we has decided to avoid offshoring.

  • The production is manufactured in Italy, and we guaranteed high quality standards