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Man does not live by thermal skirting boards alone

This website section will be focused on architecture, green buildings, furnishings, energy-saving solutions, regulations and everything that revolves around our daily work. We won’t talk only about us, of course, but also of many topics related to our industry, because we love our job and we try to do our best. This section wants to offer some interesting topics to architects, designers, installers and interior designers: we try to keep you up-to-date with all that's new and cutting edge in the world of heating.

Focus on Green Building

17 April 2018

The constant growth and diffusion of a strong environmental awareness among consumers has made it possible to speak and, above all, apply green building principles in the construction sector: sustainable construction aims to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of buildings, both as regards the consumption of materials and natural resources, and for the emissions produced. As citizens, what contribution can we make to spread these criteria? Read more »

2018 Tax Break: what do you need to know

31 January 2018

Ecobonus, green bonus, earthquake-bonus, renovations and furniture: 2018 seems to be the right year in Italy for property renovations! Hekos team is particularly happy for customers when it comes the possibility of saving money! This is why we welcomed the new 2018 Italian Government’s Budget Law, in which tax deductions are extended and made available until December 2018. It’s about deductions for renovations, energy redevelopment of buildings, (like in 2017) plus other new features such as the green bonus. Since it’s a vast subject, we believe it is better to Read more »

Redevelopment and renovation of historic buildings

24 November 2017

Radiant skirting board: the effective heating solution for the listed buildings Taking a quick look at the real estate overview in Italy you immediately notice a figure: one quarter of the Italian real estate is made up of historic buildings. Symbol and boasting of many of our cities, this type of buildings, however, has the flaw of consuming a lot of energy and their renovation is often complex and expensive. Improving the energy efficiency of historic heritage is a very timely issue and, to date, still underestimated by our legislature, Read more »

2017 Ecobonus: the expiration date is close

24 October 2017

The radiant baseboard system + the condensing boiler allow you to enjoy a tax deduction of 65% The countdown to the expiration date of the 2017 EcoBonus has started: there are still a few months left to benefit from tax deductions that, for the energy savings, allows to save up to 75%! There is time until December 31st 2017 to benefit from tax incentives for building renovation, furniture and energy saving (Ecobonus). The Government’s 2017 incentive concerns measures to improve the energy performance of the property and consist of an Read more »

Thermodul conquers “Cose di Casa” magazine

27 September 2017

The power of irony to show the true thermal wellness “Maybe yours doesn’t heat!” We decided to use this twinkly sentence in our new advertising campaign published on the Italian magazine “Cose di Casa” during the Summer (July and August issues). It was a  provocative solution that intended to overpass the traditional communication of the skirting board radiators’ benefits and drawing the customer’s attention. With this intent in mind we chose to involve “De Poli e Cometto” graphic studio asking them to create a different, original and impactful campaign that Read more »