Heating System Comparison

We explain how our baseboard heaters work compared with other solutions

Choosing the best and cheapest type of heating system to be installed during a home renovation or in the stage of customizing a new building can be very difficult, especially since today the range of possibilities in the market is wide and diversified. Why, then, should you choose a skirting baseboard heater instead of a floor heating system, a traditional radiators or a ceiling heating solution? The central issue for the buyer is to find an economic and effective heating system: the quality-price ratio and the energy consumption are the key factors since to the continued rise in fossil fuel prices and the spread of ever-increasing sensitivity towards the environmental issues. So, let’s have a look at the most popular heating solutions compared to Thermodul.

energy efficent heating system

Compared to floor heating systems

Thermodul baseboard heaters are efficent, practical and cheap alternative to Floor heating system, especially during a home renovation because:

  • Thermodul works with any type of floor auch as wooden floor laminate, vinyl or porcelain stoneware;
  • it doesn’t require the demolition of existing floors;
  • the installation of the thermal skirting board is easy and fast, as well as its maintenance;
  • the heat feeling is homogeneous without thermal shock;
  • there are no problems with the presence of wall-to-wall carpet, mats or carpets;
  • In case of leaks or breakage the baseboard heating system doesn’t require the floor to be repaired.

Compared to the ceiling heating solution

This type of heating solution even if it belongs to the radiant panels family has some disadvantages that reduce its effectiveness. The thermal skirting baseboard remains, even in this case, the best option available, because:

  • It doesn’t need to lower the ceiling to install it;
  • Thermodul ensures an uniform distribution of heat;
  • it avoids the risk of “hot head effect” or the temperature leap phenomenon between the upper and lower parts of a room;
  • no buzz or noise;
  • less time to warm up the room;
  • it can be used for the renovation of historic buildings with ceiling decorations.

Compared to standard radiators

Unlike the standard radiators, which are based on the principle of convection, our thermal skirting board uses the radiant heating solution. So it warms the walls that, after being heated, release the warmth into the room.

  • With Thermodul system the boiler doen’t need to work constantly to keep the water hot;
  • there is a noticeable costs reduction;
  • the level of thermal comfort is reached before compared to the radiators, so it’s possible to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature (1-2 ° less);
  • there aren’t convective motions and no displacement of dust or mites;
  • no more dark signs on the walls caused by the movement of air and dust;
  • say goodbye to bulky radiators on the walls (+ 15% add space for furniture).

Conclusion: why you should choose Thermodul

This analysis of the main heating systems highlights the potential and the benefits of our baseboard heaters, which are clearly the cheapest heating systems available on the market. The best alternative not only to the well-known floor heating system and to the standard radiators, but also to the most innovative ceiling heating solutions. Now it is clear to everyone that baseboard radiant panel is the most healthy and cost effective solution. Thanks to its innate features, it’s possible:

  • Warming up a building reducing significantly the energy costs;
  • reduce the environmental impact without sacrificing comfort;
  • easily manage the temperature in each room;
  • eliminate the spread of dust and mites;
  • ensure dry, clean and mould-free walls;
  • obtain more space for furniture and furnishings;
  • create unique and original furniture solutions thanks to the version with LED system