Electric baseboard heaters


This innovative heated skirting board is also available in the electric version: no water is used and inside the skirting board there is an electrical resistance that provides and diffuses the heat.

  • Ideal when it’s not possible or not suitable to install a boiler and for second houses;
  • minimal startup investment;
  • it doesn’t need masonry;
  • fast installation;
  • particularly advantageous if combined with solar panels .

The operating principle is controlled by thermostat or chrono-thermostat, or, in case it’s not possible to install electrical cables, by radiofrequency remote control. In low energy-efficient houses the electric skirting board is the ideal solution, especially because, due to the relatively short running times, is possible to turn it on only when necessary.


Height 137mm
Thickness 29mm



Also available with all the RAL scale colours

Electric baseboard heater
Most efficient radiators

The most efficient radiators for warming up in a healthy way

The electric skirting boards is composed of a standard decorative panel and an electrical heating element (armored electrical resistance). The system is completed by various accessories (corner and end pieces), as well as an extruded aluminium panel to house the electrical wiring for the heating elements.
There are 4 different types of heating elements in different lengths and with different power ratings: how and which elements must be use dependent on the heating requirements and the lengths of the walls. The heating elements must be connected in parallel.

Uniform heat
Air cleaner
Energy saving
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Water heater and electric skirting board: the most efficient radiators!

Two heating systems in one:

A solution that offers heating that always works: a water-based system and an electric baseboard heaters all in one (that work separately), designed to bridge any potential gaps resulting from the timer settings of centralised heating plants or to fix any boiler malfunction. A particularly interesting option where there is an existing solar panel system.



These models comply with the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC

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