Faq on baseboard radiant heaters

Can this alternative heating solution work with any heat generator?

The THERMODUL system can work with any kind of boiler, heat pump, wood-burning or heating stove and requires no particular technological solution.

Does it qualify for the energy saving incentive benefits?
Why does it help you save?
Can this baseboard radiant heater only be placed on exterior walls?
Can each room have a different temperature?
Can it be built into the wall?
Can the system be installed if the walls are curved?
What colours are available?
Does this alternative heating solution soil from the walls?
How much water is in the system?
Why is this baseboard radiant heater recognised by “InBioedilizia”?
Can a mixed system be made up?
How can any unheated walls be completed?
In case of a large wardrobe, does the same system get mounted behind it?
Does the system cause any damage to furniture?
Can it be installed in the lower part of kitchen cabinets?
What is the double horizontal solution?
What is the double vertical solution?
What is the double-sided solution?
What is the consumption of the electrical system?
Can this baseboard radiant heater be connected to solar panels?
Can this alternative heating solution be powered by solar panels?
What is EN442?
How long can the circuit be?
Does the system need to be regularly purged of air?
Can it be used for cooling purposes?