Thermodul: thermal skirting boards by Hekos

Thermodul by Hekos, our innovative radiant heating system, is based on the principle of thermal radiation and allows a natural and effective diffusion of heat in the rooms combined with a high level of wellness. This skirting board heating solution is able to heat the wall evenly and homogeneously, from the bottom to the top, without lifting dust or bacteria.

Furthermore, these efficency radiant heat panels respect the environment because they require less water than conventional radiators to work and they reach the comfort point at a lower temperature (2-3 ° C less) ensuring a sensible saving on gas consumption.

How the skirting board heating works: minimum obstruction, excellent yield

How the skirting board heating works

Our alternatives to radiators

Would you like to change the traditional radiators or fan-coils in your home? We suggest our thermal skirting boards: the special front panel in direct contact with the heating core allows the heat to spread uniformly and effectively without heating the air and causing convection current.
The small amount of convection escaping through the top slit of the skirting board skims the walls, which absorb the heat and then release it gradually into the room, keeping it dry.
Its particular operating features make this a healthy system that is therefore suitable for environmentally friendly construction purposes. In addition, this radiant heat panels allow to better manage spaces: eliminating radiators, heaters and fan coils you have a 15% extra space in your house, shop or office!
Thermodul, moreover, ensures a simple and quick installation and it doesn’t require particular wall modification. Unlike floor systems, which need very invasive and long-lasting alteration, our skirting board heating system is installed on the perimeter walls, takes a few days of operation and it works perfectly with any existing boiler or heat generator.
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Thermal skirting boards

Benefits of thermal skirting boards

More comfortable and efficient heat distribution with uniform temperatures, constant humidity levels and no dust lifted.

The Thermodul radiant heating system does not cause the kind of domestic convection currents that usually pick up and circulate dust, dust mites and pollen from floors; furthermore, the system maintains a constant level of relative humidity. These features ensure greater personal wellness especially in the case of allergies, and improve the structural conditions of buildings, keeping the walls dry and unaffected by humidity and mould.


Application of radiant heat panels

The range of colours, small size and variety of models make Thermodul a highly flexible solution.

Due to its special features, Thermodul is the perfect heating solution not only for new houses, but also for building renovations, when you need to preserve the integrity and availability of wall and floor space as far as possible, such as for historical buildings, museums, libraries and shops.
Furthermore, thanks to the wide range of available options, this system is also suitable for heating large areas, such as schools, hotels, churches, etc.

Radiant heat panels

How to use Thermodul

This radiant heating system is extremely versatile so that it can be used in different buildings and ways
This skirting board heating system can become virtually invisible, blending in with the colour and finish of the wall. In addition to the full range of plain RAL colours, the skirting is also available in gold, chrome, dark bronze and satin aluminium, as well as in a range of wood and marble effects that can perfectly match whatever surface against which they may rest.Furniture and design
Thermodul’s reduced size allows interior designers to give the right emphasis to the room’s stylistic features without having any radiators, stoves, chimneys, etc. reducing the surface area or volume of a room. Furthermore in the hands of the architect, it can become an additional design element, by choosing contrasting colours for example.Lighting
Thanks to the exclusive integrated LED lighting accessory, besides having an additional decorating factor at his disposal, it offer the possibility to create light effects (even coloured) that enhance the architectural elements and provide safety lighting path at night, as well as having adjustable brightness that allows the reading.

Energy saving

This is one of the key factors that should push you to choose our radiant panels as an alternative to radiators: our heating system enables the user to achieve optimal comfort levels with temperatures up to 2 degrees lower than the traditionsl radiators. The special system of even heat distribution from below allows to obtain the optimal heating with low energy consumption.
The efficiency of THERMODUL has been tested in an accredited independent laboratory, in compliance with European standards.
Thanks to the low water content (0.29 l/m) of the water based version and the special heat distribution method, we can achieve significant energy savings (30-40%).
energy saving radiant panels