Water baseboard heaters


This innovative energy saving heater is flexible in many ways:

  • Can function with any boiler, wood burning stove or heat pump and can even be connected to solar panels;
  • allows for different temperature settings in different rooms;
  • requires no invasive building works at all;
  • can replace or supplement radiators.

The water baseboard heater has a relatively quick start-up time, which makes it an extremely flexible system: indeed, it can be run in “on-off” mode via a simple thermostat/thermostatic timer, or in “continuous” mode with a climatic control unit that regulates the indoor temperature depending on what the temperature is outside.


Height 137mm
Depth 29mm



Our water heaters are also available with all the RAL scale colours

Water baseboard heaters
Energy saving heaters

Smart baseboard heating systems: design and functionality work together

The water skirting board system is composed of an external decorative aluminium panel and an inner heating core made of copper pipe and aluminium fins with an anti-oxidant protective coating; it includes PVC connector bends and accessories to complete the look. These energy saving heaters must be dimensioned according to the heating requirements and the yield specification table (pages. 8-9 of the technical catalogue); the quantity of heating core installed must be sufficient to provide the required heat dispersal while the decorative panel can be fitted along all the walls in the interests of aesthetic continuity. In the case of new buildings and renovations, it is advisable to fit valved manifolds, wherever possible, to ensure more effective temperature regulation per room/zone and to ensure the ideal delivery calibration for each circuit; where this is not possible, it is advisable to fit a shut-off valve for each individual circuit using our complete installation kit that includes the valve, holder and regulator to be mounted inside the skirting board.

Uniform heat
Air cleaner
Energy saving
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Water baseboard heaters and electric skirting board: the double solution!

Two efficient heating systems in one:

A double solution that ensures heating in any condition: a water-based system and an electric skirting board all in one (that work separately), designed to bridge any potential gaps resulting from the timer settings of centralised heating system or to remedy to any boiler malfunction. A particularly interesting option where there is an existing solar panel system.



The thermal yields of the water-based versions have been established by the Milan Polytechnic – Energy Department – according to the EN 442 Standard.

These models comply with the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC


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